Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Faces of the People I Meet

Ahhh, its depressing. Harsh is a soft term for the faces I’m looking at. They look war torn and tragic, complaining and despondent. And yet, they have so much. There’s a real lack of joy in the air. I don’t feel spring in anyone’s step. Its all cool reserve and blocked love.

Well, I did see a woman give another woman four kisses instead of the traditional two. I thought it was a bit over the top, but it expressed affection and sincerity in the moment.

It needs a closer look. I have no idea why people look so unhappy here. Its not just unhappy, its severe, like a grey concrete wall.

I said ‘hola’ to a few people, and they give you a careful look and a tentative reply. Nothing seems spontaneous.

If there has been a people that need some waking up, some lightness in their step (and I don’t mean a pair of red stilettos – the young women have plenty of those and believe me it does nothing for their face), its these ones.

A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks. ~ Charles Gordy

(edit: This was written after a two year trip in the east and was my initial impression about Granollers, only.)


Sarah said...

Don't focus to much on this or it's all that you'll see for your time there! by the way, stiletto's would never put a lightness in my step... probably only bruises on my body.

Tiffany said...


They wear high heels as if they like them! (I do have a gorgeous little red and white polka dot pair - but only for days I don't have to walk far!)

I'm keeping my positivity. I'll keep my eye on the light Sarah! :)

keeper said...

I don't think it's a catalan or spanish thing. For me it's an "occidental" matter. Introspectry, selfish, me, I, myself...

Tiffany said...

hhmmm... But if you go to Barcelona, its not the same look, and definitely not in other capitals I've been in. I think its a small town thing. Granollers wears too much red lipstick. Always worried its going to smudge it.