Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What I Really Like About Granollers And Living In Catalonia – thus far.

Part I

The photos I have loaded are in no particular order of preference.

I am so happy to have a kitchen! And Orange. Before we were travelling, I lived in a small house in Hamar, and Vidar, you know how small that space is.

A kitchen is creative. It’s a place of alchemy and fusion. Its east meets west and the cooking pot of my kitchen holds pride of place. Thank you.

I like Jett. I like Jett on holiday. And I like Jett home here with us. Isn't he cute!? And white...

One of the Great Things about moving to Granollers is that I have my friend's close, and instead of staring at really really ugly pictures of me, they can come and visit.

Like Rupini and Sevika - here. Look how happy we are. Well, he's happy at least. They are happy cause they are just about to eat cakes and pastries, and I'm happy cause they are happy. And I'm also about to eat cakes and yummy things.

My yoga room - that is actually 'a room of my own'. Here - well, its private. And my space. And thank you very much.

The first time I drank vermouth was about two and a half years ago, on my first visit to Granollers. We were sitting at Albert’s parent’s house (the one with the swimming pool) – and it was warm, I was in love, the olives came out, with some chippy chips and this light refreshing and clear little aperitif. Lovely. Has to have ice.

Montse - what a nice lady you are. You are so kind to me, even though we don't speak the same language. Kindness reaches over many borders. If I go to your house, I leave with my arms full of little gifts. Its like you can not give enough. Thank you. Though I am continuing to gain weight.

Joan - an inspirational student!! If I studied half as much as him, I'd be double so smart. Does that make sense?

Without you, and Montse, there is no me here in Granollers - so again, from the truth of the most basic needs, thank you.

This is kind of like a photo of Albert and me and sums up our household. And we're very happy, so thank you very much for that.

You know I love you - don't make me say it over and over.

And Albert. Thanks.


Sabrina said...

Hey! I love this post. It is always uplifting to take time and think about all the things you are thankful for/enjoy. I love the picture of "your relationship with Albert" that is creative. haha

Tiffany said...

:) Thank you Sabrina!

I was inspired by another friend Katrine - she wrote a love post about the rain.

Albert is the BLUE one!! :D

K said...

Yaaaay - you quoted me!!!! *Swelling with pride and grinning until my face hurts*

I get all warm when I read your blogg and see how happy you are. You being happy makes me all chuffed. Me all chuffed makes Jan Ole all chuffed and so it comtinues.

LOVE the symbol of you and Albert together - perfection. I reckon me and Jan Ole together would be a sloath in deep thought and a hyperactive squirrel. Yeeeeeees.

Tiffany said...


Your blog posts are full of good things. Good things spread easily - like nutella.

and chuffiness.

ha - you HAVE to photo shop that JO and you idea. It would be SO funny.

Thanks for being so nice.

K said...

I love the last picture of yu and Albert. Makes me allllll happy. Løvely.