Thursday, May 11, 2017

Parking in Granollers

My dears,  don't do it! 
Not for a minute.
The tow trucks circle every area of Granollers.  They really are out to get you.  Don't park illegally. Don't leave your car somewhere for five minutes.  You'll be fined. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Sharpening Knives at the Beach

There's an old man who drives up on his scooter and he sets up his knife sharpening machine from the back of the bike. 
He's doing the knives from the local restaurant,  here at Cala Canyelles. 
Lots of people taking photos of him.  They're stopping on their way to and from the beach. 
He's quite a character,  posing with the knife. 
The machine is making continuous noise. 
Lydia sleeps on. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Parking at Cala Canyelles

There is a resident parking officer tracking the cars.  She walks around frequently checking the tickets. 
Please don't leave your car here without a ticket.  You will be fined. 
I hear arguments everyday. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I Make Jewelry

I haven't written in ages. 
I'm so busy with my little girl and my new hobby that's turned into a small business. 
I've started making jewelry, holding jewelry parties and heading off to KLZ conventions. Busy me!  It's an exciting time. 
I'm hoping to get back into blogging too.  I've just started a break from facebook. That should free up some time. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Busy in the Festa Major

Everyone is after all the free seats in Corona Plaza.
These two women were squeezed onto one seat. I'm happy the young teenage boys were comfortable though.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Basque Country, July 22013

We've spent the last 9 days on a driving holiday around Aragon and part of the Basque area of Spain.
We camped for the first 7 days and are currently recovering in a rural house called Pikua just outside the town of Mutriku.
We were very lucky with the weather. It only rained twice. Once when we were in the tent, and very lightly, and once at the BBK festival. We recovered quite quickly. 
We went to the BBK festival held in Bilbao. Saw Depeche Mode, Biffy Clyro, The Editors, Kings of Leon, Fat Boy Slim and many other bands.
We leave tomorrow morning for Madrid, to pick up our new family members from our sisters. And we begin a new phase in our life.
The first photo is of Albert pitching our tent in a place called Fiscal at the base of the Pyrenese. We used Fiscal as a base to explore the area.
The second photo is of a village being reconstructed after being forcibly evacuated in Franco times to build a dam (that was never finished)
The third photo is of the camping area for the music festival. We seen learnt we'd chosen a rather unfortunate spot.  It was close to a bright light, the toilets, the bar, the main cross roads of the camp and a picnic table that acted as a meeting place for loud drunken British any time after 3am. Luckily we were so tired at the end of the night we could sleep through most of it.
The fourth photo emphasises the delight in small comforts. My Prince Albert bringing me the essentiial and restoritive cup of tea and a lovely big dish of rice pudding. We'd found a bar at the top of the hill hosting the bands and could recharge our phones (hence avoiding the 3 euro surcharge from a little Catalan Truck parked outside of the camping offering to charge mobile phones), eat delicious and large country portions of rice pudding and feel completely civilized for the moment. Happy moments.
The fifth photo is of our rural house called Pikua. A lovely haven of hot showers, hearty breakfasts, bunnies, chickens and ponies, a view of the Atlantic, a remote control, and neighbours that i have taken a photo of in the 6th photo.
The 7th photo shows the Basilica dedicated to Saint Ignacio of Layola. We visited the area yesterday and were lucky enough to hear a choir singing. A beautiful place.
The final photo is of the sunset over the Atlantic last night. We drove along the coast on the way home and watched the slow descent of a red sun into the waters.  Gorgeous area. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Topkapi Palace, Byzantine Cisterns and the Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Well today was another full day. We hardly leave the Sultanahmet area. Too much to see.
I have to admit I was tired today so I didn't rush about too much. The treasury from the Palace and the relics were pretty amazing. Bos loads of people everywhere.
Perhaps the loveliest place was the cistern. just outside the palace walls and boasting Medusa heads. Beautiful and atmospheric.
We popped into the Blue Mosque too. Beautiful, spacious, ornate and peaceful.
A full day.

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Porte and the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

The guide said we would need about three hours to do some serious shopping in the grand bazaar. How about 8? Albert and I were totally bamboozled by the stalls, the merchants, the wares, the alleys. It took us about two and a half hours of walking and staring before we were ready to start actually buying.
We knew we'd come to buy some things in the bazaar, and felt that we were prepared. We had to get used to the haggling and the 'where are you from's' from all corners but all in all we had a successful day. We even bought a little cushion for our new kittens.
Yesterday evening we went down to the Galata Bridge for the recommended stroll along the harbour. People everywhere. Boat rides offered along side fish sandwiches, fishermen, a few child beggars and a mass of tourists from everywhere.
We ate a cob of corn and took some photos of the setting sun.
Tomorrow we're heading off to the Palace.
We've had a great selection of vegetarian food. All yummy and all cheaper than back home. What else to ask for on holiday?