Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Health Update

Unfortunately poor little Jett had a stomach bug and he's been home with me yesterday and today. We've been feeling sorry for ourselves while watching Jason Momoa, I mean Stargate Atlantis.
Jett seems to be better today. No problems, just tired.
I'm still coughing but the frequency has significantly dropped in the last two days. I have my check up on Friday. Then I'll have finished my meds.
Now, some people have asked for more details, so if you don't want to know, now is the time to stop reading.
Sick Person details to follow:
I have two types of cough. A normal one that helps get the gunk off the chest, and a second one that is the whooping cough. That's the one I dread. It's about 30 seconds or longer of coughing but the throat closes, so it seems impossible to get air in, hence the whoop sound. There is also vomit and lots of body fluids involved in what seems to be a total loss of control of the physical body. The fits of coughing over strained the muscles in my back and chest, so there is pain to deal with there too. I also contracted a typical female reaction to the antibiotics which makes it a little more uncomfortable. So that's basically it. I'm sleeping about 10 or 11 hours most nights. The good news is I do really seem to be gettig better. So, wish me luck and send me your positive prayers/thoughts.


keeper said...

You like Jason Momoa? you should watch Game of thrones, then ;)

thecatalanway said...

Hi I should have read this before sending email! OOOOOH poor you both. I am now sending healing and hugs to you and my suggestion is to tap the lung meridian - starting at the chest and going down the arms. Do you know the path? Tapping with finger tips lightly - to stimulate the qi. More suggestions can follow if wanted :) wish I was there to help a bit more but distant acupuncure can be qute powerful. xxxx

oreneta said...

Oooooh, poor you! Both of you!!!! Sounds dreadful and I am hoping it will improve. I have nothing so practical to off as Kate, only my thoughts and best wises.

The Little Red Baron said...

I wish you both a speedy recovery!!!