Saturday, June 20, 2009

Learning Catalan III

My progress is quite pathetic. I understand more and more, but I don’t say anything because I can’t get the sentences to come together. (I did say 'que vulls' once to Toni and Oscar - but I don't think they appreciated my effort.)

I thought I’d try to get some help, and I asked if Montse (Albert’s mummy) could spend some time with me speaking Catalan. She said yes, and now I have someone to help monitor my progress. It kind of like inviting someone to your house so that you get motivated to clean it. Thanks Montse!

And guess what! I’ve signed up for an intensive course throughout August. Three hours every morning.

My aim is to be able to speak a basic every day conversation by Christmas. Good luck to me! And more importantly – study!!


Tiffany said...

La meva mara es prima i te cabadells negra. :D

Second lesson, not bad, huh??? :P

(Ps - I did NOT check my dictionary for mistakes, so I'm sure there is a little something wrong with the statement, but cut me some slack guys!)

kaz said...

Hi Tiffany. I´m Australian too. I live in Tiana, a small village to the north of Barcelona. I found your blog from a google search: "appreciate living in catalonia"
You are inspirational and very positive, love your blog. Hope you don´t mind if I drop back occaisionally to read and make comments.
Kaz from Oz.

Tiffany said...

:) Kaz!!
Fantastic. I'm very very pleased to meet you. I dropped by your blog - congrats on your creativity.
I'm in the middle of dinner - I just added beetroot to Dahl and am pondering the consequences of too much creativity... :) -
Thank you so much for telling me how you got to the blog - its interesting to know who and what is reading!
Thanks for your comments. If you're ever this way - let's meet up!
Comments are super welcome. As you can see from this post - if no one else does - then I do it myself!

kaz said...

Mollllll behhhhhhh! Que paixa noi? Australians, typical! Adding beetroot to everything! LOL. Hahaha. Yes, great contact, I'm happy. I'll be off the air for next two weeks, going camping, but chat more soon and yeah, I'll do you a wee drawing. Which photo do you prefer for me to work from?


Tiffany said...

:) I got a new friend. I got a new friend. Muuuuuu uuuuum!!!
Your dialect sounds a little rustic, huh? :P
really really you'll do a little picture?? :D (smiling much)

coo ooool. I dont' care. anyone of them that I'm GORGEOUS will do. :D

Have a great camping trip and talk when you get back.

bye new friend! (waving!!)

kaz said...

tihi, well I am actually in the library of the UP Uni up near Camp Nou waiting for the students to find me. Today we are filming a doco abput space tourism. One of my students is a rocket scientist! I know! How cool! SO it will be on you tube when its done but for now I just need to find them, this uni is sooooooo biiiiiig.
Catch ya later!