Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shots on the House?

When I've been dining out with some Catalans they have asked the waiter, at the end of the meal, for a free shot. Its usually that yellow fluro stuff they call a 'digestive', but you can ask for anything. When I understood what was happening, I struggled with embarrassment. However it seems it is part of the culture of restaurants of the past. Some places say no. Some say yes, but grudgingly, and some are truly generous. It has become am interesting part of the meal for me. What will they say?


Unknown said...

Hey Tiffany! Some great spots so far! I'm English and have a blog in Barcelona ( and have also experienced the same embarrassment/shame when dining out with mates many years ago - like they almost expected shots as part and parcel of the meal!!

Keep up the blogs, and good luck with the kids in Granollers (my sister-in-law lives/works there) so I know the area, more or less!

I might contact you in the future for a guest blog post?! Interested?


Tiffany at Patheya said...

:) Hi David,

Thanks, if you throw me a topic, I'll write.

We took a look at your blog. Lots of good information there.

Thanks for the contact.