Friday, May 8, 2009

Central Park

We live, as I’ve said before, on Park Avenue. We’re in an apartment facing a private hospital on one side, and central park and a bus terminal on the other.

We can see the green of the trees from our small balcony.

Our apartment is quite cold, but once we’re down stairs, in May, its warm enough, in the middle of the day, for t-shirts.

We often play soccer with Jett in the afternoons, and I practice Qigong in the mornings I don’t have English classes.

There is a small round pond at the main entrance of the park that has one small turtle and some fish. The water lilies have just started to bloom in pinks and whites.

There are some Australian Eucalypt trees at the back of the park, and I’m really happy to see them and smell them. It makes me feel at home. They thrive in this warm environment.

There are the typical old men sitting on benches, parent’s pushing prams, a few demonstrative couples, older people walking small dogs and a few groups of young men loafing about drinking out of paper bags.

It seems pretty typical. However, I haven’t seen anyone exercising. There is no running, or stretching and unless the children have escaped from school, no ball games being played. Actually, no physical exertion of any type. I feel conspicuous rolling my shoulders or touching my toes.

It’s a pretty little garden, well kept, open and has many paths to walk around. There’s a drinking fountain, some swings, a table tennis table (without accessories) and some sort of small amphitheatre. I don’t know what they use it for yet.

The park is the centre of my day. My eyes search for the green when I move on to my balcony and I like to see what’s blooming as I walk past. I like to smell the different foliage and flowers and see people out and about.

I’m happy to live so close to the park.

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