Friday, May 8, 2009

The Prevalence of Olive Oil

I was watching Albert’s mother grilling the vegetables this afternoon and discovered the secret to the deliciousness of her food.

Olive Oil, in abundance.

I remember watching Sevika’s mother Pixie making Indian food and gasping at the level of vegetable oil being used. However, as soon as I doubled the oil content of my Indian styled food, then it seemed I couldn’t put a roti wrong.

Of course, the basic secret of authentic Indian and Mediterranean food (and others?), is oil, butter or ghee added with passion. Coming from a fitness back ground, and with health books and media telling us to reduce oil, and lower salt and watch our cholesterol, it’s a difficult cooking lesson to learn. That is, more is more. And less tastes like there is no soul in the food.

When Albert’s mother and father went to Andorra, they bought a gift of two bottles of olive oil for us. Albert started salivating and his eyes were round with imagined future eating possibilities.

Oil, my friends, is the secret.

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K said...

Really? I must try this. I really love grilled vegetables. Hmmmm. Worried, like yourself, that my arteries will block in a matter of seconds and I'll fall to the kitchen floor quicker than you can say: "I can't brea...." Nevertheless, this is interesting................