Friday, May 27, 2011

The Dentist!

I walked happily along to what I thought was my final dentist appointment this morning. It was a cool, cloudy morning and nothing suggested that my expectations would be dashed.

My dentist drilled, polished and filled with efficiency and little drama. "But hey, what's that? Ahhh. Hmm."

These are ominous sounds to someone in the dentist chair.

 'Looks like there's another hole down here.' My dentist called her assistant and they peered at my cavity with interest while scraping bit of white gunk out of it. Oh.

I've got two more appointments! Serves me right for not coming to the dentist for over 10 years.

Thanks to my excellent and good humoured dentist and her lovely assistant for the great photo!


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Eddie Storms said...

Finding stuff like that is never fun when you're sitting on the dentist's chair. Still, at least you had a pretty fun pic to remember the moment. Here's to hoping that fixing that cavity won't be a hard time for ya.