Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Being a Foreigner in Granollers

Well, its only the first week. Nobody pays any attention to us unless they hear us speaking, and then it can produce a sharp turn of the head in young people, and a rather slow and curious look from the older generation.

After being in Asia, where many of the people notice that you are a foreigner and smile at you because of it, its strange to be in a ‘civilized’ country where there is more reserve and cold curiosity. A welcoming smile there is not. People walk around with closed and withdrawn faces, barracked within themselves with designer wear and arrogant attitudes. ‘I am complete’, their walk and attitude suggests ‘I want and need nothing more.’

The good thing about being a foreigner is that you are obviously different and can do what you want to some degree. I can’t help but smile at people, and honestly, I don’t care if the people here frown at me in return. Its better than a blank stare as if I didn’t exist.

I laugh a bit to myself. Albert says ‘I’m afraid Granollers doesn’t know what its in for with you here.’ Hmm, and all of that for smiling at people I haven’t seen before.


kate said...

sorry I'm going a bit wild with the comments! I find my area is very friendly - up near the Hospital on Joan Prim - but I sense a different atmosphere in the town centre where I feel a bit weird and the shops are much cooler. I was in Barcelona before and it's funny how different it is here - just takes longer I suppose in a smaller place. K x

Tiffany said...

I am glad I wrote these comments, because it reminds me of my first impressions. The shop keepers tend to be on the cool side! :)
Great to have you on board Kate.