Tuesday, May 5, 2009

FC Barca 2nd May 2009

We went to a bar to see the game – Bar Princessa, and after arriving ten minutes into play time, there were no seats available, and we stood, with most of the other customers.

What game? Pardon? I’m sorry, you don’t know what game? Its impossible to live in Catalonia and say ‘what game?’ Its an amazing phenomenon that I have not experienced before.

THE GAME was Barcelona SMASHING Madrid in a record breaking 6 – 2 !! and more than likely sending Barca into totally victory of the Spanish league.

Some important games are what they call ‘pay for watch’ and are not broadcast over the public TV. Thus, many people congregate in little bars with two or more large screens. They buy a beer or two, or not, and cheer each other on.

I don’t know if you saw any of the footage of the happy fans, but it was more over the top than I’ve experienced in Australia or Norway.

People took to the streets, singing, making loud noises, congratulating each other and jumping up and down like massai warriors in their joy. Then we watched it again and again on the TV, and watched every goal being replayed, every kiss of the Catalan flag, every comment made by ex-players and sports commentators.

It was, they say, a record breaking moment, and a most memorable game for barca fans. One older man said he’d been flowing Barca for fifty years and he’s never seen anything like it. So.

People really insist how important this match was. Ok then. Albert.

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