Sunday, May 1, 2011

Top 4 Coffees in Granollers

  • I love the coffee in Delicious Pa, opposite the bingo on Girona street. 
  • The coffee in Veritas is also excellent, on Joan Prim. It gets extra points because of the warm smile by the excellently named 'Mama Jesus'. 
  • I especially like the coffee in the bakery in the Church square and I've recently discovered their excellent apple pie with a thin layer of custard. 
  • Finally I also recommend the coffee in the bus station, the Caffe di Roma I think it's called. They've got lovely surprise coffees and can do the simple coffees with as much pride. 

I should mention that I don't like bitter coffee. I prefer smooth and round flavours. If you have a good suggestion for trying another bar, I'd love to hear from you.

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thecatalanway said...

recently discovered apple pie???? I thought you were off cakes at the moment...
me too - I prefer coffee that isn't bitter and has a soft feel to it. I liked the one in the Pa. Never tried it in Veritas - nor met Mama Jesus!
Hope you have a good trip today - it's sunny! kate xx

Tiffany said...

Well, I couldn't help it!! It was staring at me in that way that makes you think, oh well then... ok.

It was a great trip, and not back too late. Only 10.