Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Bank Experience

There is one man serving and 18 people waiting. Actually, the queue is moving. The man serving is fast, efficient and in friendly! I'm here to pick up my bank card. Remember the queue system here begins when you enter the shop and ask 'who is the last one?' Then someone says 'I am'. Then you need to watch that person until it's your turn because if they leave, it will never be your turn. What confusion! But some people like the social interaction.

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thecatalanway said...

I love this system although I still am not sure if I say el ultim o la ultima. Probably the feminine version because of persona being feminine. |What I like is you don't have to stand in the same place guarding your turn. In the baker once you know you are after the lady with the red lipstick - and everyone else knows so they feel secure - then you can go right up to the counter and take a look at the cakes without getting dirty looks as if you are trying to jump the Q. Great system. I'll try it out in Cornwall next week. K x