Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Proof That I'm At the Post Office

What a terrible and hopeless great aunt I am. This package has been sitting in our apartment for about 4 months. Today is the day I send it. I guess I have to admit I have been afraid of the language problems and pubic servants reputation for intolerance. It only took 20 mins and I was the only person in there. Not bad! But Laurie! I'm super sorry I'm so late!


thecatalanway said...

they are really nice in there, aren't they? and the system of waiting - if you have to - is really efficient. I won't mention how close it is to your flat!!! K xxx

Tiffany said...

Then I won't mention the one waiting for the present was 1 year old!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't be sorry Aunty Tiffy!! We all love you just the way you are! I do the same thing as well must be a family trait :) I'd be afraid of the language guys are so smart to be learning a new one...Jett must be a pro by now he's so clever!! Hope's heaps bigger now a year on she's pulling herself up on everything & walking around the couch while hanging on :)