Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh My Fickle Heart!

But when I walked in and you stared at me in that way a only a muffin can stare (innocent and alluring at once), I toppled into your delicious depths of tasty custard. Oh, apple pie, what do you think of me now? My desires betray me. This muffin was soft, tasted like a proper muffin and was filled to the brim with custard. Sant Jordi, the old Xamfra.


oreneta said...

Tiffany!!!! What's a xamfra?!?!?!? Vocab please!!!

And, I have to agree, some of the pastries here I'm not so excited about (croissants) but the muffins? They are seriously good, never had them with custard yet....may have to come back to Granollers to give it a go!

Tiffany said...

Well, the xamfra is actually a corner, but, its more of a wedge,in a block. So,the end is not 'normal', but wedge-like. And on our block, we have a xamfra that had a bakery on it called el xamfra, and it was lovely, but they closed down, and opened as Sant Jordi a few months later.

Please come back! :) Many more sights to see!! We could even do the museum!! (I haven't been yet!)

oreneta said...

OK! In June when my teaching schedule opens up some more!