Sunday, November 14, 2010

Unusually Warm Weather in November

We're in the park again. This week has been so warm, its been impossible to know what to wear. Cold mornings but 25 in the middle of the day. People have been complaining but honestly, I love it. Sitting on a blanket in the middle of November in the sun! Ostres!


K said...

Flippin excellent.Country of Bliss!!!! It's mild here too at 0degrees- but you know, still might cause slight frostbite if I sat on a blanket in the middle of a park here. Loss of a limb might also occour. 'Exscuse me Miss, is that your arm lying there next to you?' Shudder.

Tiffany said...

You're ace. Have you watched the peep show? Its full on, but my goodness!