Thursday, November 4, 2010

El Xamfrà

The title is the name of this bakery on my block, and also the name of this type of corner. That is, its like a wedge that fits into a pie. I'm not sure if we have a name for this in English. Anyway, Jett says this bakery has the best donuts, and Montse says it has the best baked cheese cake. This is where I get my xuxus from. It's also the main reason I still can't fit into my old white pants.

Edit: As of the 24th of November, El Xamfra closed its doors after 24 years! The reason has not been established. I've only been here 18 months myself, but I will sorely miss the nice bakery ladies and the excellent xuxu's. The only good news is I have to try lots of other bakeries to find a decent xuxu replacement.

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