Thursday, November 18, 2010

Speed Cleaning

My Mum gave me this book a couple of years ago. I've been following some of its advice and it's helped me organise the apartment. My biggest problem with cleaning, apart from being lazy, was where to start. This book explains the sequence of tidying in a way that has penetrated my foggy mind. 1-declutter. Take away everything that doesn't belong in the room. 2 -dust walls, ceilings, pictures and wipe down switches with a wet cloth. 3 -dust stuff,then wipe down with appropriate cleaner. 4 - sweep and wash floors. That's the basics for each room, and it works for me.


kate said...

thanks for that - I'll try harder! But it does make sense to leave the floors till last - usually I start there as they are so disgusting I have to do it straight away!
My best tip is - invite people round. That gets me going like nothing else.

Tiffany said...

I agree! Ever since I began having people in the house for classes, I can be sure to have swept the floors!