Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Walk to Viena

Today I walked to the sandwich bar Viena. It took me 59 minutes from door to door. I saw a baby rabbit chasing a bird. Never seen that before.
Happy New Year everyone.


oreneta said...

How did you get there? What route did you follow, that might be a nice walk....

There is a walk from Granollers to Mataró over the mountains on an old roman road. That might be a nice one to do too.

Tiffany Jones said...

:) Hi C!

No, I walked from my house along the river congost and it comes to a Viena. One hour walk. I have a mini croissant and walk home.

It's nice beside the river once out of Granollers. But the walk from La Garriga to Granollers is quite nice along the river too.

If you have more info on that roman road walk, tell me. Sounds great.

Let's all meet up soon!