Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1.50 Euro for Happiness

As some of you know I've been walking to the Viena and back three of four times a week. It's a 2 hour walk.
I spend 1.50 for a white coffee and mini croissant. I actually don't like the coffee all that much but it's cold and I love the ritual of the break. I enjoy sitting down and warming up and playing wordfued.
My alternative, and one that doesn't have as much comfort, and costs .25 cents more, is to buy the mini salad.
I know I will migrate to this life style choice soon. It's my evolutionary path. But let me enjoy this moment of pleasure of sweet pastry and inferior but warm coffee.

1 comment:

thecatalanway said...

Come on - don't lower your standards - stick with the croissant! K xx