Monday, January 9, 2012

I Love Sunrises!

I am a morning person. I love the morning and I love the morning sun.
Today was a really beautiful sunrise. After I walked Jett to school I started my morning walk and the colour was beginning to saturate the sky.
Even the factories look beautiful in the early morning light.
We often walked in the sunrise on the camino de santiago. Listening to the birds. Perhaps a little frost on the grass.
I love the light on the clouds. I love the quick shift of colour as the sun rises and I love when the sun finally breaks over the horizon and starts to light up everything it touches.
It's the second week of the year. Jett started school today. In new shoes that hurt his feet. Might have to take them back at lunch time. Poor Albert came down with a 'flu and is still in bed. I've been lucky so far and missed the germs going around.
Have a great day everyone!


oreneta said...

Keep missing that flu, you've been plenty sick enough this year. Did Jett go off to school happily or no? Youngest was miserable, though Eldest seemed content enough.

Tiffany Jones said...

Yes, Jett was fine. Though he doesn't have a choice. If he starts complaining at all I show him videos of starving children on rubbish heaps and snot running down their noses.