Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thoughts on Turning 40

From here to there and all that's in between. 

Tomorrow's my birthday. 12th of Ocotber, 1971. Mum called me today to check up on my health and reminded me that I was born about 3 in the morning. 

In Spain, it's the national holiday, so there's a holiday on my birthday every year. Last year we went to Sardinia

My birthday is a reminder that I was born into this world. Consciousness resides within me. And it's up to me to decide what to do with that. 

After these weeks of sickness, I feel as though I've been cocooned  within the walls of my apartment. And when I emerge, it will be with delicate wings of a new life. 

I will be a woman of 40. And willingly or not, it does make a difference to me. I find myself feeling stronger and more determined not to lose my way with 'soft addictions'. I feel my priorities have been stripped down to their bare minimum and these, I can handle. 

I feel prepared to start this new phase in my life. Once I stop coughing that is. 

Thanks to you all for helping to make my life, thus far, enjoyable and meaningful. Take care and love to everyone. 

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oreneta said...

Happy Birthday Tiffany!!!! Keep getting better!