Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2:00 am, Madness

Maybe I should start with the fact that it's a new moon today. These were not just voices in the night, they were screams of a violent and wrathful nature.
Police cars, their lights flickering around the room, screams from a wretched woman laying on the pavement and men trying to wound each other with their fists.
It went on for some time. Australians can get violent like this. I've never seen Norwegians like it. And these people were not kids. They were mature adults in their 40's.
Last night people were on their balconies watching the drama unfold. It was impossible to sleep through, even for Albert.
And this morning, the day clear and bright, there is no reminder of the goings on in the night.

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thecatalanway said...

I can't work out the comments here - just wrote a long one then got forwarded to this page. anyone else having problems or is it just me being useless? anyway...hope you have a quiet night tonight and it was just a one off thing. love Kate x