Saturday, August 6, 2011

People Watching in Bratislava's Cafe's

It seems this is The thing to do here. So, we're doing it. The beer is cheap, the food reasonable and the city quite cute. Who is here? A lot of British people. There are tours from all over Europe walking the streets. They say they mostly come from Germany. There are cafes, literally, everywhere in the old town. Everyone speaks enough English. We're staying in a hostel where we are the first guests in the newest rooms. Everything is clean and new and we have a great view of the city, even a terrace. The city has over 100 statues of cute or/and personalities of the area. Everyone is meandering slowly past staring at everyone else staring at everyone. It's lovely to have a shower and a bed at the ready. We're 3 minutes from the centre. Now off for potato dumplings and sheep's cheese sauce, the national dish at the Slovak Pub.

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