Thursday, August 11, 2011

On Our Way to Oslo

Finally, after driving 4 175 kilometers we've arrived in Kiel and we're ready to dance the night away on the Colorline Ferry. After a shower and traditional drinks in the cabin, of course. The drive through the north east of Germany on the autobahn was uneventful, if raining non stop. It rained all night too. In the bathrooms there were pictures on the mirrors saying 'Barcelona, 27 degrees, sunny, sunny, sunny', which actually wasn't that funny in the moment. In the girls room you were offered hygeine products, tooth brushes and condoms. In the men's room they were offered condoms, penis rings, artificial vaginas and other useful props for an adventurous evening on the autobahn. Interesting, huh? We arrive tomorrow morning and I hope to lovely weather.

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