Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Best Coffee Shop in Hamar

Te & Kaffeboden. I asked my besties for coffee but everyone is working. Ja vel. I've walked through town. Many of my old shops have closed. I looks a bit empty. They say it's not the crisis but that the shops are opening in the malls instead of in the centre. There are some girls sitting outside with their smart phones on facebook. It seems the same as any where we've been. The teenagers doing the same things. It's a bit cool in the air. The temperature has already dropped to 3 degrees one morning. The hills are yellow with signs of autumn. Tonight I have the workshop with Espern and then dinner with my old work mates. Everything is similar, but with a few changes. The newspapers are full of personal stories related to the shooting. Prices are still steep. Time for a late lunch.

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thecatalanway said...

Hey! Hello! I would love to come and have coffee with you. Funny I just wrote a little about the same thing - places we remember being slightly more empty, shops closed, town centres less lively. France too - the growth of the supermarket has really made an impace here too and I thought it couldn't happen in France. Thank goodness for all our cafes and shops in Granollers - not a bad old place after all. Thinking of you! K x