Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where's Jett?

This morning I woke up ten minutes late. I noticed that I couldn't hear any noises. Jett should be getting up. He has slept in a handful of times, it can happen. I called him. No answer. Again. Nothing. I get up quicker than I'd like and look for him in bed. He's not there. I go to the bathroom, the kitchen. It occurs to me he's sleptwalked. He's prone to it occasionally. I check the whole apartment. I start looking at the front door. I'm still convinced that he's slept walked. But to the point of going outside? I wake Albert. Albert and I start re-searching the apartment. Under beds, the bath, in closets. Then suddenly Albert remembers, 'He was going to the bakery for fresh bread.' In the next moment we heard keys in the door. It was a strange moment. Suspended. Albert and I laughed with relief and held each other quietly for an extended moment. There was nothing more precious, in the next moment, than Jett's white little face and his high voice.

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oreneta said...

Terrible moment, I've had them too, but OOOOOhhhh.

Glad all was well.