Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Bread Company Called Bimbo

Forgive my childish humour. This company has a factory nearby, and is famous here for the white processed bread so popular when I was growing up. I bought this loaf of crustless white bread as a holiday treat for Jett. He's spreading chocolate all over it and happily devouring toxins and sugar with little idea of the physiological consequences. It's nice to play ignorance sometimes to win a child's affections. By the way, for my local readers, Bimbo is a name usually associated with an attractive but empty headed girl.


oreneta said...

I particularly like the delivery guys, big and muscular and pierced and embroidered on the breast of their shirt....BIMBO!

Jaden Jones said...

you know there is a bar on Brunswick st called Bimbo.
Was the Punters Club, a venue for live music.

Tiffany said...

Oreneta! Is it true!!?? They deliver the bread!? :D

Jaden - the Punter's closed!? oi. I've never seen the bimbo before.