Friday, June 3, 2011

Jett's Push-Ups

Jett swears sometimes, and as punishment, he has to do 5 push-ups. Yesterday his thin bird leg arms gave way after the first push towards the up state, and he fell and hit his chin. Today, he grabbed a pillow for his five and spent 3 minutes laughing with his head on the pillow. How many push ups did he actually do? Ah, there's another story in that.


oreneta said...

OK, Jett's comment? Fabulous....why not bare feet on the tiles?

Tiffany said...

And by the way, the pillow was mine!!!

Tiffany said...

Well, this weekend he was coughing from the change in the weather last week. The floors are icy there. He's not allowed to wear bare feet when he's got half a cold.