Saturday, April 17, 2010

Training for The Way

We walked 3 hours today, with Jett along playing Roman soldiers.  However, as you can see by the picture, Albert is the one with the sword.

Today we walked along the river. In 2002, Granollers made the river a 'green space' and the wall you can see on the left of the picture, is part of the man made embankment of the Congost. It runs straight through Granollers. Its a lovely spot, and one can hear a host of birds squawking on the walk.

We had a little break at a bird viewing area on the border of Granollers and (the other town!)  and ate some nuts.. on the way home, Jett suddenly developed a huge rash across his throat and I feared he'd had an allergic reaction to the nuts. I was worried for his wind pipe, but finally, we all survived. 


K said...

I am sooooooooooo proud of you. Hm, strange with the rash thingy. Maybe he's allergic to bird watching. Hope all is well with you love. I'm waiting to see if this bloomin' volcano would just stop spewing kakk into the athmosphere for 1 minute, so that my parents can come and celebrate the miracle that is ME!!

Tiffany said...


thank you K!!! :)

We leave on Saturday and I am SOO ready.