Monday, April 5, 2010

Faces of My Life Here

Yesterday I finally downloaded my mobile photos to my computer. These were taken in the last year, since we've been here. They are just pictures of me...

This is Jett and I waiting for the Bus to Vilanova, where we take a children's yoga class. Jett is my assistant. Yes, Jett really is that white. And yes, that girl in the back ground is a bit scary. 

Jett loves to draw. And this is one of his first portraits of me. Done about 6 months ago. 

One of my most favourite places in the whole apartment is right here. On the sofa. Some days I don't move much from here. 

This is me on the way to Vilanova on the bus. Its only about 25 minutes away. I go on Thursdays. 

I bought some new socks at the market. There is a local (huge) market here every Thursday. I bought two pairs. I really liked the orange ones. 

On this day, I got off at the wrong station!  Well, I hardly ever travel by my self, and on this day, I went to Amma's darshan. Albert had to work. I went there by my self, and I wasn't sure what station I had to get off at - and this sign said something really dismal like 'oh, you want THIS station? Well, get off at the NEXT stop.' Only I couldn't read it very well from inside the train, and all I really saw was the station name... and I made a mistake.

Me pretending to sleep. 

I was very happy this day, because its the first day I took my new trolley for a walk to the super market. I can do that every day now, but then, it was the first time!! Its me and my trolley. 

Photos: Tiffany Jones

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