Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas In Hamar, Norway December 2009 - Part I

This year we went to Norway for Christmas. Jett's father is Norwegian and we have many family and friend ties to Hamar.  Here we are at the airport in Girona.

We arrived to Geirmund's famous pizza. I was very happy.

The view from our room. It was -5 when we arrived.

This is the side of Geirmund and Ingebjorg's house. Most of the houses in Norway are wood.

Down the side of the street.

Every day it snows, of course, someone has to take the snow away.

Geirmund and Albert mawking the snow. :)

Its typical that people decorate the entire house for Christmas. Norwegian Christmas!

Its typical to have 7 or more dry cookies for offering guests when they arrive.

These Christmas people are called 'Nisse' - and they are not the same as santa. They are folk who live in the forests.  This one sits and greets people at the front door.

These are nisse and a mother. they are looking into the kitchen.

A special Nisse for Lizzy.

Blue nisse!

Our Christmas tree!!!!

And even a little remembrance of what all the fuss is about!!

 A group of singing nisse.

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kimmy60 said...

WOW... looks like you had an amzing christmas... i hope jetty had a great time and get lots of presents.... christmas wasnt the same without you, jetty and albert. lol
love you all. xo