Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year for 2010!!

Its time to say goodbye to 2009 (two thousand and nine) and greet the new year with a big smile of welcome.

At this time of year, many of us spend time remembering the past and promising ourselves not to make the same mistakes for the new year.  We make lists of things we’d like to do, and bad habits we’d like to give up.

In this last year I moved to Granollers from Australia. Its been a year of change, acceptance and adaptation.  In 2009 I’ve begun to learn a new language and discover a new culture while making new friends and exploring a new landscape.

I’ve lived through my first hot granite summer in Granollers, my first St John day (St Joan), my first festa major, my discovery of noisy fire crackers and the devils running through the streets, my first dolmen, the Caganer, the Caga Tio, and soon my first experience of the three kings. I’ve been to the Montsegn in the Autumn, to Montserrat to pay my respects to our lady  the Black Virgin, to the Costa Brava for relief from the sun,  to Tarragona to see the statue of the human castles. And that is just my first 6 months here.

Its time to begin to cast our eyes into the future. To receive my first rose for St George’s Day (St Jordi), to see the spring sunshine begin to warm the city faces of  Granollerians, to discover a new host of fairs and festivals celebrating the history of the area.

My friends and family ask me if I am happy here. I must admit that its difficult sometimes. And yet, yes, I say, I’m happy here. Many people are warm and generous and I love the food.

I like to walk the streets in the middle of the day, when its quiet and there is little traffic on the roads. I like to sit and think of all the people that have passed through these streets on their way to and from Barcelona.  The history of the town walls impresses me every time I think about it. Europeans have only been in Australia for little over 200 years, so our history is really quite different.

Yes, I say, I am happy here. So, in typical Aussie fashion, let me raise my cold beer (its summer back home you know) and say ‘three cheers for the new year’. Wishing you all a happy new year for 2010.

Originally published in Revista del Valles


K said...

Godt nytt år!!
You are vey lovely. You are deep, thoughtful,couragous and wonderful. Iam extremely proud to know you. I bless you to feel at homein Granollers soon.

Tiffany said...

:) Lovely K