Sunday, April 26, 2009

Introductory Post


My name is Tiffany. I’m Australian. I’m 37 years old and am a health instructor.

In April of 2009 I moved, with my son and my partner, to Granollers, Catalonia, Spain.

This blog is intended to record and share some of our experiences in moving to another country.

If you would like to see some of our previous experiences while travelling, take a look at our World Nomad Travel Journals.

My partner, Albert (he’s Catalan), also keeps a journal of his life since moving to Norway in 2006, and you can access it from Blogger. If you can’t read Catalan, there are photos enough to keep you occupied for days (sometimes 100 photos per post!).

If you’re in the same boat, that is, you’ve moved to Spain, and would like to add some of your stories, or comment on mine, you’re hereby cordially invited.

Thanks for joining us.

Love Tiffany


thecatalanway said...

Ah that is so nice! Glad to be the first to put a comment although I'm sure not the first to read it!
Doesn't Jett look younger? You and Albert look as young and beautiful as ever but two years make a bigger difference to someone under 14.
Well done for two years of blogging. See you tomorrow
K x

Tiffany said...

:) Thanks Kate!
Jett really looks like a baby. I had to go through some old photos of him for a school project this evening, and we were both so surprised at how much he'd changed.
See you tomorrow!
Good luck in the Catalan class.

Tiffany Jones said...

Kate! Last year!! :D

thecatalanway said...

Yeahhhh! Another year under the belt. Thank you for being here and such a lovely friend. K xx