Monday, April 27, 2009

Late Lunches

Lunch in Spain begins after 2 and before 4. Before you ask, ‘dinner’ is at 10. Yes. 10 pm. Lunches can last anywhere between 3 and 6 hours and I have, honestly, been to one that started at 2 and we left at 2. A mind blowing 12 hours! It was at this one where I saw pig’s faces being eaten for the first time.

From what I’ve experienced, the dinners (other people make) are made of four servings.

1 – little tidbits of food placed in small plates. This could be a salad, potato chips, olives, cheese, meat (typically delicatessen ham) served with white wine.

2- The main meat dish. (they can serve rabbit at this stage for a Sunday dinner) The wine may change accordingly.

3- Dessert is served. This can consist of chocolates, cookies and a cake. Once you have finished eating, then the coffee is served.

4 – Coffee, perhaps with a liquor.

If the guests linger, then chocolates are produced.

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