Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Early Mornings in Granollers

When we arrived for the first time in Bangkok, there was a parade of people walking in the parks. There was organised aerobics, tai chi and yoga, along with the more popular jogging, stretching and dog walking.

Here, in Granollers, there is a distinct lack of movement anywhere at 6, or even at 7 in the morning. A few cars drive past. The sun trickles up over the mountain range casting a iron blue across the sky, and it seems almost everyone is in bed.

It’s the time for me to practice qigong in the park across the road. Actually, to be completely serious, I live on Park Avenue. Not a bad location if I must say so myself. And I treasure the late mornings of the Catalans if it means I can have some quite time with trees.

Post script – The above was written with pure intention. I went down to practice qigong in the park, and it seems the council locks the park at night time. It was still locked at 8 am, so I don’t know when it opens yet.

Why, you ask, do they lock the park? I've never seen a park locked before either. It seems its locked at night so dark shadows can not linger in the protection of the trees. I don’t know the history of the park. Perhaps its warranted.

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