Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Quiet Morning

There were hardly any people on the beach this morning. The regulars were no where to be seen.
There were French around me instead of Spanish and Italians.
They do so many things on the beach here in Canyelles. They rent kayaks, pedal cars for the sea, snorkel and dive. There is a school camp place up the hill, and every day children of all ages scraggle their way down to learn how to snorkel or try water skiing. They also have this long sausage thing they sit the kids on and a motor boat takes them out, does a little swing, and tips them all off. Lovely. I don't mind their screams.
I took a walk into Lloret this afternoon for a falafel. It's packed with young people and sometimes it's hard to see the sea for all there is to see. And the beach is beautiful there too. It's much longer than our cove, and has a moden castle at one end and gorgeous little rock pools that are ideal for small children to play in.
All of the tourist shops used to have Indian men in them, and now their wives are up front beckoning tourists in. I used to wonder where all their women were. It won't be long until a great and cheap Indian place will be open selling delicious tid bits.
Of course I think if a couple of them stopped selling so much rubbish and imported some lovely things from India they would do a lot better. Many of the shops are identical and rather boring. How many red t-shirts with a bull on it can a person want?


Rob and Mandy said...

Love your blog!!!

thecatalanway said...

Wow the beach is so quiet - was it 6am? Lucky you. We are getting rather cold now. Not enough warm clothes. but we have made it to Calais and now have wifi and all the electicals are quietly pumping in charge, like patients connected to drips. Tomorrow is the tunnel.
So glad you are having a good time and nice that you are writing more so I hear your voice and know a little what is going on. Big hug K xx