Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What Do I Do, Alone on Holiday?

Many people can't understand what I am doing alone for a week. And why I take my week (two if I could get them) by my self.
This week I start every day by going early to the beach, about 8, early for Spanish standards, and I do my asana practice. And then I swim and lay in the sun until about 1. While I am there, I might read a book and today I listened to a guided chakra meditation. I also ate a banana.
I come home, and do what ever I feel like. Study Catalan, clean a room, eat lunch, look through my cooking books, read some more and contemplate going for a walk or jog in the evening.
Every year Montse, Albert's mother comes for lunch one of the days I am here. She can't understand what I am doing alone, and I think it's only fair to show her I am totally respectably keeping house. They asked me last year if I was having a affair. :) that would definitely spice things up!
Sometimes I walk to lloret for lunch. Sometimes I go down to the restaurant for a goat's cheese pizza.
Mostly I sit and look at the ocean.
It's heaven here. And I love the quiet. I love to be disconnected from the every day. I love to rest my mind from 'shoulds'.

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