Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sick for Two Weeks

So basically I've been coughing and laying around the house for the last 12 days.  I tried a couple of classes but the day after felt much worse. 
I've got some sort of 'flu.  I don't remember being sick for so long before.  I'm hoping this is the end of it now. 
It wasn't the best time to get sick with classes starting and Jett beginning school, but life is what it is.  
I think my biggest frustration has been the weather. It's so beautiful out. Every day has been gorgeous. The suffocating heat of high summer has gone and its just lovely out there. The clouds are soft and there's a gentle breeze. 
I know it will pass. 
I also joined Google+. But I'm going to keep it primarily for yoga/meditation/qigong information. 


oreneta said...

Two weeks! How horrid. Get better soon, m'kay? Hang in there and get well.

Tiffany said...

Thanks C!
I went out of the apartment yesterday. Then I slept 12 hours last night!
Today I feel almost human.