Thursday, February 10, 2011

Five Year Anniversary

Someone said you should treat your anniversaries like the relationship's birthdays. Its a nice idea.

The 11th is one of Albert and my five year anniversaries. Its when we met each other for the first time in the flesh. If you didn't know, we met on the internet.  (That's a different anniversary.) On a travel site designed to keep contacts with people you've met around the world. And to show off your travels.

Anniversaries, birthdays, new years; they have never been particularly fun for me. I find my mind wants to dwell on the things that didn't get done or the bad memories. In the last few years, just for comfort sake, I've been actively trying to remember and dwell on the positives symbolized in these events. And truthfully, it makes a nice difference for every day living.

When you're looking at the relationship, you notice that its not just the relationship that has changed but its the individual as well, and in our case, the circumstances too.  Albert was only 26 when he came to live in Norway and the last five years have shifted his priorities, opened his perspective and in many ways, he's embraced the 'grown up' part of his life.

I had been living an independent lifestyle with a high focus on my personal satisfaction in health and environment. I've moved into the roles of housekeeper, mother and spouse support.  In actual fact, its more rewarding than its been given credit for.

I have to admit that the last year has been, for me, the best year of the relationship. We are not testing each other as much, and have settled into a certain trust and appreciation for each other that wasn't there at the beginning of the relationship. We've dropped some of our unattainable expectations and have learnt to like or at least keep quiet about the things we don't appreciate in each other.

I'm proud of us. We've become more open, supportive and understanding of each other.

Congratulations to us and for our five year birthday.


thecatalanway said...

I love this post - your honesty, the beautiful photos of you both ( two really nice friendly faces had to meet each other) and the fact that it is a bit longer than the usual ones!
Have a great anniversary and more open supportive and accepting years ahead.
I hope that every year you feel it was the best one!
love Kate x

oreneta said...

Congrats! Sounds lovely.

Anonymous said...

These are very encouraging words for yourselves & others (like it would be any other way with you). Keep up the positive psychology & wishing you well for years more.


(Appears I lost the gmail account due to inactivity! Not trying to be unknown!)

Tiffany said...

Thanks everyone! :)