Monday, June 1, 2009

La Claraboia, La Garriga

We went to a charming little restaurant called La Claraboia’ in a village ten minutes from Granollers, La Garriga. (Claraboia translates as ‘skylight’ by the way, thanks for pointing that out Joan!)

While we were sipping house wine (better than a $20 bottle back home in Aus), our ears were accosted by the charming voice of a pretty girl accompanied by a solo guitarist. L’Aleix i la Carol. Atmospheric and intimate, and well worth dropping in for.

And such a surprise for such a little town. (Pay no attention to the little boy reading the comic in the photo. Everyone one knows children are not to be trusted in matters of style and taste.)

Thanks to La Garriga.

Oh, did I mention the food was nothing to sneeze at either!

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