Monday, June 15, 2009

Buttocks in Bookstores

To have buttocks in bookstores, or not. That is the question.

Today we bought a book in the local bookstore. As we were leaving the store, I paused to contemplate some posters of teenager nymphs with perfect silicone implants and body piercings.

I began to walk down the stairs only to be confronted with the shop assistant’s buttocks, facing the glorious air and Albert and Jett.

I stopped in my tracks. My mouth dropped. Albert, knowing better, was obviously looking the other way. Jett was too little to see behind the counter.

I continued down the stairs, and joined my family. The shop assistant (did you picture a man or woman?) turned her blank stare towards me with such a display of in your-face-rudeness my head nearly popped off.

There is, in my opinion, a time and a place for buttock displaying – and a book store is not one of them. Unless its adult books you are searching for.

Yes. I do think there should be some basic dress code for retail shops. I think, considering the issue further, that I understand displaying the buttocks in a shop selling fashion. But I do draw the line at the bookstore. Indeed I do.

Granollers is looking for a tourist trap. How about ‘behind every great reader is a great bottom – buttocks and books in Granollers’.

I think that’s rather catchy.


K said...

What....her bum was bare and all in your face and stuff? Yuech!! That's so ugly. And why? What's going on though mate? Explain this to me one more tiome so that I can be more disgusted. Toes curled as we speak. Yeuach.

Tiffany said...

No, no... you've got me all wrong! It was the top 1/3 of her bottom that was showing, and honestly, it wasn't disgusting - it was quite a perky little bottom.

But, it was the circumstances of seeing it displayed for Albert (or I'm guessing any male customer). When she saw me join 'my family' - she certainly changed her tune. The girl was bent over thin air to show it too - somehow reaching for something that was ten cm from her hand... it was an amazing feat of buttock displaying I must say.

K said...

Ah, get it now. Sounds like she was an inch away from pressing Albert's head into her cleavage - not pretty.

I challenge you to sit through this short video of us and not smile.

(I've really come out of my shell since this video. I'm sure you remember what a wallflower I used to be.)

Tiffany said...

:) Katrine!
I lost the challenge. I laughed all the way through it.
I'm so glad you're feeling more confident and outgoing these days! Those 'speak up or shut up' classes were really good for you!

K said...

Ha - excellent!!