Friday, June 28, 2013

The Porte and the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

The guide said we would need about three hours to do some serious shopping in the grand bazaar. How about 8? Albert and I were totally bamboozled by the stalls, the merchants, the wares, the alleys. It took us about two and a half hours of walking and staring before we were ready to start actually buying.
We knew we'd come to buy some things in the bazaar, and felt that we were prepared. We had to get used to the haggling and the 'where are you from's' from all corners but all in all we had a successful day. We even bought a little cushion for our new kittens.
Yesterday evening we went down to the Galata Bridge for the recommended stroll along the harbour. People everywhere. Boat rides offered along side fish sandwiches, fishermen, a few child beggars and a mass of tourists from everywhere.
We ate a cob of corn and took some photos of the setting sun.
Tomorrow we're heading off to the Palace.
We've had a great selection of vegetarian food. All yummy and all cheaper than back home. What else to ask for on holiday?

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