Sunday, March 11, 2012

Winter Weekend at the Beach

We're at Canyelles for the weekend. It is actuallly quite cold in the apartment, and there are only old fashioned and quite ineffectual small heaters in place. Obviously better than nothing.
The great news is we woke to warm sun streaming into the lounge room. The day was brilliant. We all lay on the sand and sun bathed. A glorious day. Not many people about and the beached quite clean.
After lunch we went for a walk along the costa brava way. Palamos was the name of the place we were near. Really pretty and a great walk. Then we ate dinner and came home.
Tomorrow we plan to go to the beach and head home after lunch. Barça is playing at 6. :)

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oreneta said...

I gather everyone is feeling better. Glad to hear it. Dreadful to be ill on vacation. Well, it's always dreadful to be ill, but worse on vacation.