Saturday, April 23, 2011

Today is Sant Jordi

Take a look at last years post on the Symbolism of St Jordi.  It's very unusual this year as it falls on the Easter Weekend. The people I have spoken to about it are unhappy about it. They say it doesn't feel right and somehow ruins the day for them. 


oreneta said...

I kind of agree, it's a little lame this year, better on a weekday when all the kids are bringing roses to their teachers and parents and more people are out and about.

Jost not quite so many people around this time, too many are out of town.

Tiffany said...

Albert's still in bed!! Recovering from the procession yesterday!

I have to still go to the centre later this afternoon and see how they've decorated. Albert gave me a book called 'The Ghosts of Spain'. Maybe you've read it?