Friday, March 4, 2011

The Leaking Ceiling: The Saga part IV (?)

So this morning I was suppose to meet the insurance man so he could take a look at the ceiling. I totally forgot and slept in. Luckily I had my Japanese dressing gown handy so I could rush down the hall, all of my hair fluffy in all directions and answer the sounding door bell. 'Sorry dude,' I said, covering my awkwardness with extra brashness, 'I don't understand you. You'll have to speak English.' 'Good morning. I'm here to see the roof.' Oh. Well then. I swished around and opened the door to Albert's bathroom. He looked at it for a moment, wrote something on his folder, called Albert, made some measurements and left. We'll see what happens in the next episode of the Leaking Ceiling.

This all started on December the 10th. 

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