Monday, January 17, 2011

Sales Madness

After the 6th of January, the shops drop between 30 and 70% and people go crazy. Well today I found a pair of red boots. So beautiful. Sales make people think that its a once in a lifetime chance. I wasn't looking for red boots. I certainly don't need them. But wow. At half price, it makes you waver on that fine line between fantasy and reality. Oh and for the first time since living here, I asked someone to explain a phrase I didn't understand, in Catalan! I usually ignore it. The girl froze and called her friend who spoke English. (The real problem will be convincing Albert about those red boots! But that's just betwee us.)


thecatalanway said...

looking forward to seeing those red boots! Well done K x
the ones in the photo look good too - did you get them???

Tiffany said...

:) Albert saw the boots and agreed with me that they were lovely. So, if they are still there, I buy them this morning!
The white ones I bought about 6 years ago in Norway!

Good luck with your shopping!

Tiffany said...

Guess what!! I finally didn't buy them! I am actually on the look out for black boots.. and as I took off my boot, to try on the other one.. my zipper broke on the black boots - and I realised that I needed a replacement pair of black, far more than I needed a flashy pair of red.
The second thing happened too - the left boot (untried by all and sundry) was quite tight, and my love of colour could not compete with my dislike of pain... so, I have no red boots!!