Friday, July 23, 2010

Walk to Barcelona from Granollers

I'm just starting off now, 8.33. It's overcast, not too hot, and i'm hopeful. Its about 33 kilometers, or 6-7 hours.


kate said...

Wow - you did that in July!!! We have been planning to cycle it but thought we'd wait till September - or even October. There is the dog to think of too -she gets very panty running beside the bikes. But I am well impressed by your walk. Did you go by the river?

Tiffany said...

:) Yes yes! By the river, but there was quite some problems with direction because of the work on the high speed trains. I'm quite pathetic with directions, so following the river seemed a good idea.
I was very lucky on the day I went, because of the clouds! :) Wasn't as hot as the previous days.