Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What happened on the Camino de Santiago? (part two)

Our Daily Routine

Our albergue in Najera was in a large apartment block that was once a bullring. 

Typically, we would go to bed at about 11, and wake up about 7. That was the aim. In the different albergues, there were different rules about when the lights went out, and when they went on.  Some mornings everyone was up and talking at 6, so of course, we also got up with all the noise. We were usually some of the last pilgrims to leave the premises.

We discovered that it was better to walk about 5 k’s before breakfast. Usually we’d have a piece of fruit and a muesli bar ready for the first hour or waking. Then we’d find a bar somewhere and have a bite to eat.

At first I enjoyed the potato omelette. Its really more like a fat potato cake, and with lots of oil, it was delicious.  But, after the first week, I couldn’t eat eggs anymore. The thought of another egg was churning my stomach.  Sometimes I’d just have toast and jam. Because the weather was so bad at the beginning, I found a lot of comfort in the coffee stops.

Then we’d walk for about 2 hours or so, between 8- 10 kilmometers, and then we’d stop for a rest and drink.

Then we’d start again, and after another 2 hours, we’d stop somewhere for lunch. Sometimes we bought something from the supermarket, but more often than not, we stopped in a café.

Then we’d walk again – on the big walking days, when we did more than 30 k’s, we’d have a longer lunch, and arrive at the  albergue at 6pm or so. Sometimes, we could be finished between 1 and 3 in the afternoon.

All shoes were usually left in another area of the albergue, than the sleeping area, much to my great joy.

When we arrived at the Albergue, you’d find people already asleep on their beds, and we’d rest for a moment before showering, washing clothes, setting up the bed, organising food, writing anything down, and discussing anything pertaining to the trip. We’d talk to other pilgrims and find out where they had come from, and where they were going the next day.

Some of the Albergue’s served a pilgrim’s menu, costing anything between 6 -10 euros. There would often be a full bottle of wine, and a three course meal given to each pilgrim. I guess that helped with the snoring every night.

Everyone went to bed relatively early. People had to attend their injuries, blisters and sore muscles.

Then it would start again the next day. 

Part One of our Camino memoirs.

(All photos taken by Albert Vila or Tiffany Jones - along the stretch from Najera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada (approx.22 km) on the 3rd of May 2010)


K said...

Allright love? I LOVE sharing your experiences. You've always been brilliant at writing, so it's really easy to follow and understand a bit of what you're going through and feeling.

Tiffany said...

All sweetie. :)

Thank you for your generosity, k!