Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Honk Away

I don't know if it was the cortado taking immediate effect, or the too full glass of wine I had for lunch dousing my sensitivity, but I just had an about turn.

I was standing at the lights, waiting to cross when an old woman in a car was hesitating to turn. Another car behind her, beeped loudly and insistently, and I laughed. Well, inside. When the 'beeper' went past, and I saw the look of cool disregard on her face, I laughed a bit more.

Maybe my British heritage is finally loosing up here, as it turns into spring time, melting away as the last of the snow.

However, it could just be the first beep of many to come in the warmer weather. Honking does seem to increase in the warmer weather. Could be a cool statistic to learn and quote at appropriate moments in conversation.  Or not.

Photo taken from C's

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K said...

You're so frikkin cool...